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Pyxis Technologies is a young and dynamic information technology company. Our focused approach to our customers and products allows us to offer tailor made solutions.

Our relationships with our customers are intended to be long and fruitful. Our approach is long-term and we strive to attain an insight to our customer's business. This familiarity with the business and its practices allows us to offer an affordable and suitable solution.

Being a Linux Product  Support Centre, Intel Product Integrator and Navision Solution Centre, we are able to offer personal solutions for your business encompassing IT hardware and Software Licensing.

H O T:
Experience the best desktop operating system from both Linux and Microsoft to date!

Novell (Suse) Desktop: The perfect operating system for the more adventurous user.  Everything you will ever need in one package!
Novell (Suse) Server: The operating system of choice for the enterprise. 

Register your .na domain in minutes Pyxis is an Accredited Registrar and we run our own Static and Dynamic DNS servers as well as hosted web and mail solutions.


As an Intel Product Integrator Pyxis Technologies are able to offer you fantastic value for money on an Intel based PC. Contact a Pyxis consultant today to fulfill your requirements!
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Extend your PCs power with Productivity Tools
OpenOffice.org is both a multi-platform and multi-lingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use and distribute.

 Heard about Open Source FOSS and Linux give us a call to enlighten you.