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Co-Locate your Servers with us

Have you liberated yourself from your desktop yet?


Pyxis Technologies has the experience and the flexibility to offer you turnkey solutions.
We are able to provide you with the expertise to enable you and your business to take advantage of the technological tools available today.

These tools include intuitive software solutions that afford your business the ability to run services at a cost beneficial manner. As hardware is an integral part of any reliable solution we are able to place a comprehensive offering on the table for you.

With exposure to many different Namibian industries we have formed strategic partnerships with individuals and other companies that allow us to offer you a knowledge pool that can provide an efficient solution to your business requirements.

Linux is fast becoming  the standard for Internet and e-mail servers. With  free anti-virus and Spam filtering solution available its ideal for  any size organization. With  a web based user friendly frontend to manage the server you do not need to be a guru to run our solutions. Solutions can be customised to your specific need. Firewalling is another area in which Linux is strong and expandable to meet the most demanding configurations. Another area  that we extensively use Linux is in  a country wide deployment of a client server Point of Sale Solution.

Contact a Pyxis consultant for more information on how to leverage Linux in your Business.


In todays fast communication age e-mail has become a primary form of communication. Not only is it cost beneficial to the business is is also fast and reliable.

There are hundreds of e-mail solutions available, from regular e-mail to vast colaborative communications systems. Unfortunatly many are very expensive to run and require expert knowlege at hand.

Pyxis Hosted Solution is the ideal mail web server for businesses at an affordable price. Being able to use a ADSL connection reduces the internet infrastructure costs as well. Contact a Pyxis consultant today to help you.

Need a world class collaboration system that is built on Linux.

Plus, it includes innovative features like a built-in firewall, centralized anti-virus protection, spam filtering and user privileges to put you in complete control of your Business.

Contact a Pyxis consultant for information to see if Open-Xchange is suitable for your business.